Instrumentation Engineering


Diploma in Instrumentation Engineering is Diploma level Instrumentation Engineering course. Instrumentation is the art and science of measurement and control of process variables within a production or manufacturing area. The course is career orienting in nature that opens many scopes after its completion.

Instrumentation engineering is an emerging branch of technology, which moulds young talents in the field of instrumentation. The vision of the department is to produce academically competent, industry ready and socially committed professionals in the field of instrumentation engineering.

Students Intake


Fee Structure

# Fee Component Amount Remittance
1 Admission Fee Rs.200 At the time of Admission
2 Tuition Fee Rs.750/Semester Beginning of each Semester
3 Special Fee (Revenue Portion)
  • Split Up
  • Library Fee - 250
  • Laboratory Fee - 380
  • Health Fee - 70
Rs.700/Year Beginning of odd Semester
4 Special Fee (PD Portion)
  • Split Up
  • Athletic Fee - 160
  • Visual Education Fee - 10
  • Association Fee - 60
  • Magazine Fee - 100
  • Stationary Fee - 60
  • Calendar Fee - 20
  • Youth Festival Fee - 110
  • Union Fee - 80
Rs.600/Year Beginning of odd Semester
5 Student Amenities Fee Rs.350/Year Beginning of odd Semester
6 Caution Deposit Fee Rs.500 At the time of Admission