Scholar Support Programme


Scholar support programme is a scheme implemented by Govt.of Kerala for the benefit of students who are academically weak.The scheme is for giving additional coaching to the needy students in the subjects having more failure rate. Under the project various Training Programmes and Special Classes are proposed for the students who need special attention.

The Scheme when implemented would be a great boost to the academic performance of the institution. The project is all the more important because it would be a helping hand to the economically and socially backward classes of the society as most of the students in this institution come from rural areas.

Students who are backward in their academic activities are to be found out and they should be given special care and attention to achieve their goal. We have already made some efforts in helping the students who are backward in their studies. But we could not achieve the expected target. That is why it is essential to take some more pain and time for the same.

Govt.Polytechnic college Cherthala is actively implementing this scheme for the weak students. The classes are arranged during saturdays and week days from 8.00 am to 9.00 am. Both internal and external faculties are engaged in training students. The schemes are mainly offered in Mathematics,Programming subjects like C,C++,Java etc.,Engineering Graphics etc.