Computer Hardware Engineering


Diploma in Computer Hardware Engineering is a Diploma level Computer Engineering course. This is a technical degree below the undergraduate rank which aims to provide excellent opportunities to those pursuing a career in Hardware and Networking which has been emerging as perhaps the most lucrative and rewarding career prospect in the current world of IT. The department maintains a Laboratory with the most recent technologies being researched and experimented on a regular basis, so that the students are aware of all the latest developments related to their field firsthand. All the pass outs of this branch are readily absorbed to the mainstreams of the IT industry both home and abroad.

The programme imparts an outstanding educational environment for those planning to pursue a career in Computer Hardware and Networking. The syllabus covers fields like Computer Networks, Micro-controllers, Operating Systems,Networking labs etc keeping updated with the latest technologies in this area.

Students Intake


Fee Structure

# Fee Component Amount Remittance
1 Admission Fee Rs.200 At the time of Admission
2 Tuition Fee Rs.750/Semester Beginning of each Semester
3 Special Fee (Revenue Portion)
  • Split Up
  • Library Fee - 250
  • Laboratory Fee - 380
  • Health Fee - 70
Rs.700/Year Beginning of odd Semester
4 Special Fee (PD Portion)
  • Split Up
  • Athletic Fee - 160
  • Visual Education Fee - 10
  • Association Fee - 60
  • Magazine Fee - 100
  • Stationary Fee - 60
  • Calendar Fee - 20
  • Youth Festival Fee - 110
  • Union Fee - 80
Rs.600/Year Beginning of odd Semester
5 Student Amenities Fee Rs.350/Year Beginning of odd Semester
6 Caution Deposit Fee Rs.500 At the time of Admission