Computer Engineering


Diploma in Computer Engineering is a Diploma level Computer Engineering course. This is a technical degree below the undergraduate rank which aims to provide students with some basic knowledge of engineering, scientific, computing, mathematical techniques, a sound knowledge of English to communicate in the job field and ability to apply the basic problem solving techniques. Its duration is 3 years.  Computer Science is an interdisciplinary field, both in its origin and application. Computer Science plays an important role in virtually all fields, including science , medicine, music, art, business, law, and communication.

Students Intake


Fee Structure

# Fee Component Amount Remittance
1 Admission Fee Rs.200 At the time of Admission
2 Tuition Fee Rs.750/Semester Beginning of each Semester
3 Special Fee (Revenue Portion)
  • Split Up
  • Library Fee - 250
  • Laboratory Fee - 380
  • Health Fee - 70
Rs.700/Year Beginning of odd Semester
4 Special Fee (PD Portion)
  • Split Up
  • Athletic Fee - 160
  • Visual Education Fee - 10
  • Association Fee - 60
  • Magazine Fee - 100
  • Stationary Fee - 60
  • Calendar Fee - 20
  • Youth Festival Fee - 110
  • Union Fee - 80
Rs.600/Year Beginning of odd Semester
5 Student Amenities Fee Rs.350/Year Beginning of odd Semester
6 Caution Deposit Fee Rs.500 At the time of Admission